What is a Credit Union Select Employee Group

What is a Credit Union Select Employee Group (SEG)?

In Credit Union terms, a Select Employee Group (SEG) is a business partner with a Credit Union that secures credit union membership eligibility for its employees at no cost and without the administrative responsibility of starting up a credit union on its own. It provides employees complete access of financial services for the better of everyone.

The employer sponsorships are the bedrock of the U.S. credit union industry. Every credit union at one time began as a group of individuals coming together to form a cooperative source of credit — from parishes to factories, post offices, manufacturers, school districts to city services and every employee knew about the credit union and its offerings. Often, credit unions used to keep office space on the employer property, free of charge, so cooperative members could conveniently deposit and withdraw funds, apply for loans, and make loan payments.


What are the Benefits to the Employees?

The Credit Union itself is dedicated to financial services for YOU by being committed to providing an exceptional member experience. The members are the owners, so they always receive service fit for a shareholder! The Credit Unions strive to benefit from some of the most competitive savings and loan rates on the market with a full menu of financial services like a bank – but with an exceptional member experience.


What are the Benefits of Becoming a Select Employee Group?

By becoming an SEG of a Credit Union, you’re making a bold statement to your employees that they deserve to have an option in financial institutions – an option that delivers an exceptional member experience. The benefits of becoming an SEG of The Credit Union are two-fold – there are benefits to the company and benefits to the employees.