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WHEB was established as a Community based CU in January 1995 and has enjoyed considerable growth ever since proving that our economic, social and financial services are of benefit to our members and our community.

We presently have over 2000 active adult members and over 1000 junior members.

We are an independent, not-for-profit financial co-operative, owned and controlled by our members. We are one of more than 500 credit unions in the UK and 43,000 worldwide.

Credit Unions have been around since the 1830’s and now operate in around 100 countries with a combined membership of around 160 million people and savings totalling more than £400 billion. In Britain, where credit unions are a relatively recent phenomenon, there are over 500,000 members with around £500 million of savings

How the CU is run

We are run, on behalf of our members, by a volunteer Board of Directors who are all also members. There are also a number of other Committees, covering a variety of roles, which are also staffed by volunteers.

Because the credit union is owned by its members they play a key part in its running by voting on important decisions and electing the Board of Directors

All Directors and Officers are individually vetted by the Financial Services Authority and receive training specific to their roles.

WHEB Credit Union currently has three employees.


13 Burnbank Centre

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