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When the Soviets began returning to Lithuania in 1944 for the second time, hundreds of thousands of Lithuanians left their farms and possessions, to begin their long and weary trek westward in hope of refuge from the impeding reign of terror. By 1948 some of these refugees found their way to Hamilton. By 1955, Hamilton was home to a substantial Lithuanian community, with its own church and many cultural organizations.

At this time some of the more visionary community leaders, dissatisfied with the service provided by the local banks, saw the need for their own financial institution. On March 22, 1955 the province of Ontario approved the organization known as Talka (Hamilton) Credit Union and issued the Certificate of Incorporation. Beginnings were humble, a one person operation working out of his home and on Sundays from a small room at the parish church.

Today Talka Credit Union has grown to a full- service financial institution with assets of over 90 million, housed in its own building with a full time staff of 8 employees. It services members of both Lithuanian and non Lithuanian Heritage. Talka is a member of the Credit Union Central of Ontario (CUCO). All eligible deposits are insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation Of Ontario (DICO).


830 Main Street East
Hamilton, Ontario
L8M 1L6

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