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In the early 1970s, many Taiwanese students stayed in Ontario after completing their studies, finding a job and having a family. Due to economic needs and their strong ties, the new residents began organizing a credit union at a Taiwanese Canadian Association meeting in 1975.

With his excellent reputation among the Taiwanese community, Dr. Michael Huang started to contact every member and reaffirmed his desire to grow the credit union. In addition, Dr. Huang and the board of directors expanded the services of the credit union and set higher targets on deposits and loans. In order to attract new members, the credit union hosted annual seminars, organized an annual BBQ and published yearbooks.

The community responded positively. The assets and membership have significantly increased to $4.2 million and 604 members, respectively, in 1997. The credit union also declared its first dividend to the members in 1997. This was the major milestone in the history of the credit union.

The credit union also attracted new Taiwanese immigrants to Toronto during the late 1990s. In 2001 when Dr. Huang retired, the credit union had accumulated assets totalling $6.3 million and a membership of 880.

Mr. David Wong took over the helm of the credit union in 2001. Mr. Wong had previously served as the chairman of the board and the president of the credit union for four years. In 2005, under his leadership, the credit union continued to grow its assets and membership to $10 million and over 1000, respectively.

Mr. Tony Liao, was elected as the President in Annual General Meeting of 2005. The Board of Taiwanese Credit Union is aiming to expand our product lines (TCU Master Card and Qtrade On-line Investment) and provide alternative service channel (website and internet banking) to its membership.


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