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“To be the Financial Services Provider of choice in the communities we serve by providing a full range of innovative financial solutions; superior member service and value; and meaningful community support.”


To be a full service financial institution, providing traditional banking, financial planning, brokerage, trust, estate, insurance, agricultural and commercial banking and 24/7 electronic delivery channel service options.

Understand and anticipate Member needs, responding with innovative and differentiated financial solutions, to exceed expectations.

Create an internal culture characterized by empowerment, openness, continuous learning, and team based management.

Focus on internal and external partnerships and alliances, with a view to supporting the credit union system.

Maintain a high quality, diversified loan portfolio, priced in line with risk.

Attract, retain and effectively manage capital to meet member needs and ensure the financial stability and sustainability of the credit union.

To strengthen the communities in which our members live.

Live our co-operative values and act with a social conscience.

If you’re thinking of joining the credit union – Great! It is really easy. To become a member of Swan Valley Credit Union Ltd., each individual acquires a $5 common share. This share is paid for you so there is no cost to join.

Swan Valley Credit Union is an open-bond credit union, which means anyone can join. As a financial institution that is owned and operated by the people that use its services, the credit union is a community based organization.
Our members – the people who use the credit union and its many services – are the owners of the credit union.

Members sit on the Board of Directors, and all members are eligible to run for a seat on the Board.
100% Deposit Protection. There is no limit to our deposit insurance, unlike other financial institutions. Deposits are all guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Corporation of Manitoba.

Decisions and profits are made right here in our community. Money made here stays here adding to our local economy and working for our members.


913 Main Street E.
Box 1510 Swan River,
Manitoba R0L 1Z0

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