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When you put your money in a bank, they enter you into their system, issue you a number and you become a customer. The earnings that the bank makes from your money go to head office and get distributed as they see fit.

With a bank, there’s no guarantee that the money they earn will be spent in the Sudbury Community…that’s not the case with Sudbury Credit Union.
When you join Sudbury Credit Union you immediately become a company shareholder, not a customer. This means that you have a say in how the company runs and how it puts your money to work. It also means that the money earned by Sudbury Credit Union goes back to you, the owner.

Earnings are paid to the members in the form of share dividends, interest rebates on loans, contributions to community projects, up-grades to premises etc.

Each Credit Union is an independent corporation owned by its members and chartered by the provincial government under the Credit Union and Caisse Populaire Act.


1 Gribble Street
Copper Cliff, ON
P0M 1N0

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