Should You Pay Bills with Your Credit Card

A credit card is a splendid means for using money while traveling, at restaurant or in the case of emergencies. Many people even pay their utility bills through the credit card that is convenient for them. But before you think of using your credit card you need to assess your financial situation well.

Considerations while paying bills

Firstly, you need to pay your credit card balance entirely for each month. If you don’t do it, you will need to pay interest that will not be offset by any sort of rewards.

Secondly, you have to ensure if the biller charges a convenience fee or not for the payment done through the credit card. Thirdly, you should ensure which companies do not accept the credit card payments.

Lastly, you should keep track of your credit card limit so that you do not overspend at any time at all. Otherwise, there will be increased interest rates that would eventually affect your credit score.

Benefits of paying bills with a credit card
Ease of tracking: Majority of the people find it convenient to make a single credit payment rather than making several bill payments in a single month.
Convenience: It is simple to sign up each month for the payment of the bills automatically. Payment through the credit card is hassle-free and saves much time.
Credit Card Rewards: If you own a rewards credit card then you become eligible for accruing additional rewards like cash back, travel points or even the merchant rewards on the monthly basis.

What bills can be paid with a credit card? Mostly, the credit cards are suitable to pay any type of bills monthly.

Few examples are listed below:

  • T.V cable and internet
  • Water and electricity
  • Childcare costs
  • Health and car insurance
  • Postpaid cell phone connection

The Verdict

You need to remember that the payment of a bill through a credit card depends on how much you earn in rewards as compared to what you pay in fees. It becomes simpler if your credit card company does not charge you extra whenever the payment is done. But if a fee does get applied, you need to reassess and figure out whether the rewards you earn will outweigh the fee or not respectively.

Suppose it is mandatory to pay the extra fees, you should consider comparing the rewards and fees on month to month basis. Just think about the rewards and fees in percentage terms to reach a good and fair evaluation. Still, if the picture is unclear to you in terms of rewards and monthly payments, there is some positivity. This means that you would be able to accumulate points, cash back or miles on other different purchases.

When you will utilize the credit card wisely and pay your entire bill each month, your rewards will be more valuable than the fees. Thus, the benefits of using the credit card for the bill payment are many and that it should be used conveniently.