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Scott Credit Union Phone Number 618-345-1000

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First, founded in 1943, Scott Credit Union is a full service financial institution providing financial services for individuals and businesses. Also, free checking accounts with interest, ATM’s, credit and debit cards, new and used vehicle loans, mortgage loans, unsecured lines of credit, savings products, online banking, free online bill paying and much more.

Second, like all credit unions, is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that offers banking services. When someone opens an account with a credit union, they become a member and an owner.

Furthermore, conducting financial business with a credit union saves consumers money. Additionally, the offers similar products and services to what the conventional financial institutions have, but we do so with our members’ best interest in mind.

Moreover, our products and services and pricing are driven by our members not by stock holders looking to increase net worth. Our Board of Directors consists of members who are volunteers that consistently provide strategic direction with our members’ financial well being as our priority.

We want you to be familiar with what a credit union is and how we function. The word ’member’ leads people to believe there is some cost or fee associated with the membership. That simply is not the case. We require a minimum savings account balance of $5.00. That deposit is your membership share.

Finally, at Scott Credit Union anyone living or working in one of the 18 counties we serve is able to open an account and take advantage of our services. Additionally, we encourage people to find out more about how we can save them money on their banking services.

Scott Credit Union Locations

101 Credit Union Way
Edwardsville, IL 62025

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