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Potlatch Credit Union Information

First, P1FCU started by 12 employees of Potlatch Forests Inc. and the original organization certificate was by the Farm Credit Administration on April 29th, 1938. Second, the first organizational meeting was held almost one month later on May 20th, 1938, where 9 board members were elected after being nominated by the first nominating committee who was appointed by the original incorporation. Since May 20th, 1938, there has been a regular monthly board meeting for the credit union, per our bylaws. Over 75 years, that is more than 900 meetings!

Also, P1FCU is an organization group of people with a common bond who pooled their assets to provide loans and other financial services to each other. Also, the first transactions of Potlatch Credit Union out of the trunk of a car and funds were kept secure in a cigar box. Thus, by the end of their first year of operation the credit union grew to 353 members.

Finally, P1FCU will strive to maintain and improve the credit union’s economic value to its members and potential members’ lives to remain relevant going forward into the future, to maintain and increase its market share in the credit union’s operational area, and to remain driven by the members it serves.

Potlatch Federal Credit Union

1025 Warner Ave
Lewiston, Idaho 83501

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