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Everyone has a financial dream, a goal they are determined to achieve. For some, it’s sending their children to college; for others, it’s buying the house they’ll call home and still others, it’s retiring early and comfortably. At USALLIANCE, we’ve connected to our members’ dreams with the products and tools needed to help make those dreams a reality. We take to heart the fact that our name begins with “U”. Because at USALLIANCE, it is all about you – our members.

It’s amazing how far we have come in so short a period of time. Over forty years ago, we started as a credit union for IBM employees, literally based in the company’s cafeteria. Today, USALLIANCE has over 75,000 world-wide members and assets of $1 billion. Our network of 22 branches covers an expansive area reaching from New Jersey to New York City, to upstate New York to the greater Boston area in Massachusetts.

What does the future hold? You’ll find a strong emphasis on the development and implementation of innovative electronic delivery channels, a natural trajectory for a institution founded by one of the world’s most renowned technology companies.

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411 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Suite 350
Rye NY 10580-1410

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