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Routing Number: 265473485
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First, Pelican State Credit Union of Baton Rouge, Louisiana has been in operation for more than 58 years, currently from 12 locations. It is considered a state-chartered natural person credit union. By number of members, it is the 7th largest in Louisiana. It also is the seventh largest in the state by assets.

Second, checking services include no cost share drafts, share certificates with low minimum balance requirements, bill pay services, overdraft protection and overdraft lines of credit. Debit cards, ATM’s with no surcharges and prepaid debit cards.

Furthermore, members needing to establish credit, the credit union offers a credit builder program, share-secured credit cards and micro consumer loans. Financial counseling, financial education and financial literacy workshops are among the capabilities.

Also, besides car loans and other kinds of loans, Pelican State CU can do real estate loans, has a first time home buyer program and can grant interest only or payment option first mortgage loans. Also, convenience services include low-cost wire transfers and money orders. Furthermore, Pelican State CU members may also benefit from in-school branches, student scholarships and tax refund loans.

Finally, services to businesses and professionals include business share accounts, business loans, micro business loans, mortgage processing and the credit union is an approved mortgage seller. Members having other financial, savings, and investment needs will want to consider health savings accounts and insurance/investment products.

In conclusion, you can do business with the credit union via home banking over the web, phone account access and mobile banking apps. Also, automated functions let you apply for membership, enter loan applications, check your balance, order share drafts, setup a new share account, do loan payments, check previous transactions, transfer money, automate your bill payments, download your account history, view electronic statements, do remote deposits and make payments via smartphone.

Pelican State Credit Union Location

3232 S Sherwood Forest Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70816

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