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No1 CopperPot Credit Union is a nationwide savings and loans business that is exclusively for Police Officers, including retired Officers, Police Staff, PCSOs, Specials and their families too.

We were set up by a group of Greater Manchester Police Officers in 1986 who liked the idea of Police Officers helping each other financially. Their aim was to provide a safe haven for their money, where all members could benefit from a cooperative community that puts personal service above profits. This was originally called Greater Manchester Police Credit Union. As we expanded, we was then called No1 Police Credit Union. In 2006 year we merged with CopperPot Credit Union which was set up by Police Officers in Leicestershire to ultimately create No1 CopperPot Credit Union. We now have over 29,000 members from all over the UK.

How does a credit union work?
A credit union is where its member’s funds are used purely for the benefit of other members. Some of these savings are lent out as mortgages and loans, this is why when you are a member of a credit union you are ultimately a stakeholder too. It is our members only who enjoy the profits that we make. Each credit union has a common bond which links all its member together, this is why No1 CopperPot is exclusively for the Police family.

To become a member of our Credit Union we require that you save at least £5 per month into your Member Account up to a maximum of £1000 per month, this is always your money for you to withdraw whenever you wish. Once you start saving with us you are welcome to apply for any products we have available for example junior savings, loans or mortgages.

The interest that is charged on our loans and mortgage gives us profit every year that allows us to pay a dividend on your savings. Every year after our Annual General Meeting in December look at how much money the Credit Union has made that previous year, split it, then give it all back out to our members in the form of a dividend payment. If you want to see previous years dividend rates you can click here. This is why credit unions are not for profit; the members receive our profits and that’s just the way it should be.

Included in your membership with us is Life Cover at no extra charge and this covers your savings and loans. Life Cover means that if the worst were to happen we would double your savings and clear any loan up to £40,000 – terms and conditions apply. This cover is provided because we always have our members in mind and we aim to provide an outstanding service with outstanding products that you can’t find elsewhere.


Slater House
Oakfield Road
Cheadle Royal Business Park
Cheadle, Cheshire

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