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Motor City Community Credit Union has a heritage that dates back to the early 1900s when one of the first local credit unions was started inside the Windsor Star in 1938. This credit union was later to be known as the Printers’ Industrial Credit Union. Then, sometime during May 1940, another local credit union was formed within the City of Windsor’s transportation department called the S.W. and A. Credit Union.

As the credit union system started to develop in those early years, the auto sector began some of their own operations when three Ford Motor employees groups formed credit unions in 1943, followed in 1944 by the Motorco plants #1 and #3 Chrysler employees. As these credit unions mainly consisted of employees of specific companies, they were known as “closed bond” financial institutions.

Over the next decade several credit unions were formed to assist the workers of various Companies throughout the region. Over time they began to share ideas, help each other and eventually combine efforts to form larger financial institutions. As the financial industry changed, so did the makeup of the local credit union system, with many of the “closed bond” credit unions combining operations and opening their doors to all residents of Windsor and Essex County.


6701 Tecumseh Rd. East (Head Office) ~ 4 location in Windsor
Windsor, Ontario

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