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The Maine Credit Union League is a strong, vibrant organization, and a valuable resource for credit unions throughout Maine.

Charged with creating a favorable climate for its members in the business and consumer environments in which they operate, the League lives up to its mission statement as an organization “…committed to promoting the growth of credit unions through service excellence in the delivery of quality products and services.”

A History of Unity, Strength…

The Credit Unions in Maine League was founded in 1938 as a non-profit trade association of Maine’s credit unions. Over the years, it has been a strong advocate for the state’s credit unions on both a regional and national level.

Recently, the League has been instrumental in favorably influencing decisions on many important issues affecting credit unions and their members, from legislation to public opinion.

…And Service.

Recognizing a need to further support its member credit unions’ growth with competitive products and services, the League founded, Synergent (formerly MECUL Services Corporation), a separate services corporation in 1971.

Today, Synergent serves the business operational needs of credit unions throughout New England. Over 140 specialists are trained to match the most intelligent solution to specific needs of each credit union; and, where applicable, to synchronize multiple solutions into a single, cost-effective whole.

Owned By Maine Credit Unions, For Maine Credit Unions

The Maine Credit Union League is directed by a democratically elected Board of Directors whose function is to ensure that the League’s initiatives serve the needs of the credit union community at large.

As a not-for-profit organization, the League works in partnership with credit union representatives, and maintains close affiliations with CUNA, TRICORP FCU, CUNA Mutual, CUSO Home Lending, America’s Credit Union Museum, National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), and other organizations and municipal agencies that affect the welfare of its members.

In addition, the League’s experienced management and highly trained professional staff ensure that its services — whether as lobbyists for member interests or in the delivery of technology services — are second to none.

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Westbrook, ME

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