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Our purpose is to provide credit unions with a favorable operating environment and quality information, products and services which have value, and which enable credit unions to exist, compete and prosper in the financial marketplace.

The Illinois Credit Union League is the primary trade association for credit unions in Illinois, which provides Information, Legislation and Education.

As a not-for-profit corporation chartered under the laws of the State of Illinois, membership in the League is open to any Illinois credit union doing business and operating in accordance with the Illinois Credit Union Act or the Federal Credit Union Act.

Your League is here for one reason only: to help credit unions succeed by working together. The credit union movement has grown strong because we understand the power of cooperation.

The other major partner of the Illinois Credit Union System is the ICUL Service Corporation, which helps credit unions compete through a number of products and services. The Service Corp is the League’s business subsidiary and a credit union service organization (CUSO) for all credit unions.

Affiliation with the League is not a prerequisite for credit unions to receive services from the Service Corp. However, affiliation may result in lower prices for those services.

In addition, League membership also links credit unions to a huge network of additional resources.

By pooling our resources through the League system, we’re able to achieve economies of scale and accomplish far more than any of us could alone. Credit unions have done this especially well in Illinois: ICUL is known as one of the nation’s most proactive and effective leagues.

As a result, your annual dues give you access to a rich array of services made possible — and affordable — by the combined strength of all member credit unions.

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