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Routing Number: 087920297

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Grandview Credit Union Phone Number: 204 546 5200

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Grandview Credit Union Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing and administering the
credit union’s operations on behalf of members. Directors are elected for three-year terms
and may be re-elected with no limit to the number of terms served.

Our Member Services Team is trained to find the perfect match between our products, services, and your needs.

Through “Creative Solutions” we are able to adapt to unique requests from all demographics. Whether you are just entering kindergarten, graduating from high school, or planning for retirement, we have a match for you. Our accounts allow the flexibility of all types of banking from your modern day member who prefers electronic banking to traditional cheque based options.

It is important for GVCU to offer high quality products and services. We are excited to announce that in 2015 GVCU is planning to launch new account packages!

Help secure your debt today…Who will make your loan payments if you can’t?
That’s a worry you don’t have to face with Credit Insurance available on all loans, mortgages and lines of credit at Grandview Credit Union. Insurance on your loan is designated to help reduce or eliminate your outstanding balance in the event of your covered death and disability; coverage can help make your loan payment if you cannot due to a covered illness or injury. Employment disability insurance never provides 100% of your salary; imagine having to carry on paying your loan payment while receiving only a fraction of your existing pay.

Convenient Coverage…
Since the single premium for loan insurance can be included in the loan balance you never have to worry about missing a premium payment or having rates increase.


Box 159
450 Main St,
MB R0L 0Y0

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