What is the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act?

Gramm Leach Bliley Act


What is Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)


The full form of GLBA is Gramm-Leach-Bliley, which is a law to implement modernization in financial services. It was set up on the November 1 in the year 1999. We all have heard about the US congress and it is a part act of its 106th assembly. This law actually took up all the barricades between various financial companies, banks, security providers and insurance offices.

This allowed them for further dealings in the financial matters. It could not give that much power to any specific organization to make a clear regulation about all the financial terms among many companies but it was a promising activity. Bill Clinton, the president took a keen interest and signed the formal of the initiative.

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The Failure of the Act

1929 had major horrifying incidents regarding financial matters. It was a Tuesday which was also being called as the “Black Tuesday” & a coming Thursday which saw some huge financial loses of the entire year. As a result the financial institutions were harshly prevented from taking any participation in the stock mattered cases.

Though after that there were many new rules and regulations which were implemented for the betterment of the cause, but it was a massive shock to everyone. We must not forget that the GLBA act was to deliver a more and better benefit which was not served to the mark accidentally.

The Formation of the New Rules

It was necessary to put some changes into the old rules which were a new beginning for the financial organizations. A new financial company also called as the FHC was established to look after all the money matters of each and every bank or insurance agencies and many more.

It was moreover like a parent organization under which all of the financial companies were resided. This act made some limitations in terms of the money for all the banks and organizations and the subsidiaries were lesser 30% than its entire amount or under $40 billion.

There was also a difference or a line between the subsidiaries given by any bank or any non bank organizations. The entire security was provided by the Federal Reserve.

Privacy Policies of the Act

The privacy policies of the GLBA are mandatory for all the financial institution whether it is a bank or a non bank organization. It can be their choice whether they want to disclose their information to the public or not, but it is strongly mandatory for them to take all the measures in terms of the privacy policies and the security options.

They have many rules and regulations regarding the public information which is in terms of privacy matters of the finance, rules for the safety and many other protection rules. The organizations also require sending a public note to all of the customers in every year so that they can have a full awareness about all of the policies.

But it is always mentioned that in any terms of situations any financial organization can change all of their privacy policies.

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