GoBuySide Is The Leading Networking Platform For Private Equity Firms, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks and Consulting Firms

For GoBuyside, providing a state-of-the-art, recruitment platform whose’s clients and stakeholders include investment managers, hedge funds, and equity firms is what they do. Founded in 2011, this New York-based firm that has built trust with many key firms, clients, and key stakeholders over many years.

With approximately 500 clients, this New York-based company makes sure to provide their clients with essential talent that is culled from a large pool of talent from their global network.

GoBuyside, which utilizes a very modern recruitment platform, is a company with a focus on very niche sectors of business. Some of the clients that this New York company deals with include investment managers, advisory platforms, hedge funds, private equity firms, and also Fortune 500 companies. With over 500 clients that believe in GoBuyside’s services, it truly is a testament to their reach as a global firm and even the quality that they bring as a company. The firm is dedicated to the requirements of all parties involved in their business processes and long-term relationships.

Because many investment management companies are involved in the continual process to improve the recruitment of specialized talent, many surveys done have noted that there are a large number of executives in the financial services sector who believe that shortage in talent is a threat to company growth, moving forward.

The company helps with the issue of finding the right talent by a broad range of areas around the world to recruit the right talent in their network. Some of the 16 countries that the company works with to find clients include Singapore, U.S., Chile, UAE, Germany, the UK, U.S., Mexico, Brazil, China, Switzerland, Argentina, and other nations.

They also utilize its talent network in over 50 cities that are located in 16 countries, worldwide to help their stakeholders and clients have business success.

The company utilizes technology and tact with its clients and in general business. By having an impressive track record, it has led the company to establish an maintain an important competitive edge when it comes to sourcing and correctly vetting top candidates for its stakeholders.

GoBuyside’s staff has relevant backgrounds and impressive educational credentials that can help lend confidence in the company to have a purpose and the ability to address the needs of its customers to succeed. Part of GoBuyside’s services is to place the best candidates it has screened adequately into the right position.

These top candidates should always be considered for work in top echelons of the executive sphere. And the qualities of these professionals that they have on their team further enhances the company’s mission to deep broker relationships in key markets where there is a real need for talented staff.

Sometimes it is difficult to network successfully in a world that is dominated by Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels. Friending someone Facebook may not necessarily translate to converting a talented individual into an investment management hire. Even with IT, there are many technical experts wanted by investment management companies.