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Unlike the banks, we’re owned by our members and believe that everyone should get a fair deal, whether you are well off or struggling financially. Over 3000 local members agree, and more people are choosing us as a safe, ethical home for their money every day.
Credit Unions exist to serve their members and their community and to offer products and services unavailable elsewhere. Members of the Credit Union save regularly and their savings are used to make loans to other members. We charge reasonable interest rates, which cover the core running costs of the Credit Union and pay a small dividend to our savers. We aim to offer you at least as good a deal as you can get on the high street, but with the friendliness and flexibility that come from being local.

We have members who are on low incomes, perhaps saving a few pounds a week, who choose us because we will lend them a few hundred pounds at a reasonable rate. We also have members with well-paid jobs, saving hefty regular sums, and choosing an ethical home for their money. We have members who come to us to save, and members who come to borrow, aged from birth to 100 and they’re all equally welcome.

Gateway Credit Union is run by a volunteer Board, elected at the AGM, and relies on over 50 local volunteers to run the service in local communities. We also employ a team of professional staff to look after the day to day needs of our members. All our staff and volunteers are committed to the continuing success of the credit union and to its business ethics and philosophy. We are supported by the Welsh Government, Monmouthshire and Torfaen Councils and by other local partners who are helping us grow, but we are completely independent and confidential in our operation. Give us a call or send us an email if you would like to get involved. Our AGM is on 25th February 2016 at 7pm, in the Council Chamber, Civic Centre Pontypool, and all members are warmly invited.

21 Commercial St, Pontypool,
Gwent NP4 6JQ, United Kingdom

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