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Similar to a lot of prairie credit unions in Canada, Eckville District Savings and Credit Union got its start shortly after the Great Depression. On July 15, 1943, it became official and we’ve been serving the people of the Eckville area ever since. That’s more than 70 years and we’re proud of where we’ve come from and where we’re going

All funds on deposit with the credit union, including interest, (excluding common shares and mutual funds) are 100% guaranteed. This guarantee is backed by both the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation and the Government of Alberta. Other financial institutions have a limit on the funds they guarantee. But your deposits with Eckville Credit Union are guaranteed up to any dollar amount! Your funds are safe no matter what the future may hold!

We understand our communities so well because our roots are here. The credit union was “born and raised” in Eckville. From our humble beginnings in 1943, the credit union has grown with the community. We are proud of our financial progress, with more than $90,000,000 in assets and $60,000,000 in outstanding loans.

But our real claim to fame is how we’ve maintained a consistent philosophy throughout our history, striving more for service, member experience and support for our community. An actual person will answer our phones. We’ll call you by name. We’ll recommend products and services that will benefit you the most, even at the credit union’s expense. And we’ll continue to support our community at every opportunity.

5002 50th St.
Eckville, Alberta

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