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People often ask us what “DUCA” means. We tell them it’s definitely not your average bank. DUCA is an extraordinary idea, rooted in our proud history as a credit union and what we continue to believe in today. DUCA exists to help people do more, be more and achieve more with their money and their lives.

DUCA sprang to life in 1954 when a group of Dutch Canadians saw the need for a financial co-operative that would work to the benefit of its Members. Our philosophy of “profits with a purpose” has been our touchstone in every chapter of our story. It has taken us from a single branch credit union in Toronto to 15 branches across Southern Ontario and more than 44,000 Members.

We’re a vibrant, exciting credit union that lives its “profits with a purpose” philosophy in every financial transaction, product, interest rate, and community initiative we offer. For example:



5290 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario

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