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Our roots go back to the 1940s in British Columbia when banks were charging outrageous fees and making it difficult for people to get loans. Credit unions were established in communities across the province to make banking fair and accessible. For over 60 years, these upstart financial institutions helped many British Columbians reach their financial goals.

Then, in the early 2000s, three leading BC credit unions merged with a shared belief that together they could deliver even more benefit to their members and communities. With a strong base in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island, the new organization turned its sights to offering more and more Canadians a better way to bank. And voila, our credit union became Coast Capital Savings.

As a member of Coast Capital Savings, you play an important role in deciding the direction of the credit union and making sure it has strong leadership. Members are encouraged to participate in our annual Directors Election and to vote for those candidates who have the business skills and expertise to best lead our dynamic organization.

As part of the credit union’s democratic process, members can nominate candidates for the available positions to the Board of Directors. Members are entitled and encouraged to vote for the Board of Directors, and on any resolutions put forward by the membership or the Board of Directors. You are eligible to seek election and vote, if you are a member in good standing, 19 years or older, and meet the specified requirements in the Credit Union Rules.


45410 Luckakuck Way,
Chilliwack, BC V2R, Canada

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