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Castlemilk Credit Union Ltd is a member owned; community based financial co-operative, offering services to its members on a not for profit making basis. Our values are founded in the co-operative philosophy of equality, equity and mutual self-help. The purpose of the credit union is to provide all members with a high quality, economic and social service in an efficient and ethical manner. We plan to achieve this by offering attractive rates for the benefit of our members while maintaining our co-operative ethos. Meeting the needs of the members must always be at the heart of our strategic planning.

We firmly believe that the strong philosophical ethos of a financial co-operative should have wide appeal to a broad range of people within the common bond area. Glasgow is undergoing demographic change and there is now a much wider social and educational mix of people in both rented and purchased accommodation within the city wide G postcode area. The Board believes that our credit union should provide a financial service to a broad representation of the community in this changing environment, providing services at competitive rates, which will greatly enhance the quality of life for them, their families and the whole community. The retention and recycling of wealth in the community is a primary purpose.

The provision of loans and secure deposit for lodging small savings should remain our priority commercial aims. There is some Government pressure on credit unions to provide a wider range of products. Such undertakings, in our view, must be treated cautiously; many of these services are available elsewhere from specialist providers at very competitive rates. We will continue to market our PayPoint service, which has already proven successful with membership for payment of house utilities – telephone, gas, electricity as well as for Glasgow Council payments such as rate and rents. The diversity of products, which use this facility, continues to grow with the addition of products such as television license fees.

The provision of financial services in credit union is built on educating members in the wise use of money. In this context, we shall continue to work closely with our partners, Castlemilk Budgeting Service whose office is onsite also and is readily accessible by the membership, and the Castlemilk Law & Money advice centre.

Primarily, we want to provide long term, sustained growth of the credit union. To do this we need to commit to a marketing plan for the credit union to increase the penetration ratio year-on-year. Growth must be reflected in active membership as well as in share and loan balances.

To date we have tried to innovate and experiment and this is essential for the future both to deliver high quality service to members but also to sustain the growth to which we aspire. Human resources and technology are the principal vehicles for delivery of service. Consistent with available resources we want to provide the best in each through training and development. People are our most important resource; we want Castlemilk Credit Union to be a place where people thoroughly enjoy volunteering and working; a place where they can realise their full potential and where their commitment to service delivery is always a priority.


155 Castlemilk Dr, Glasgow,
Glasgow City G45 9UG, United Kingdom

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