Calling All Credit Unions | People Helping People

Calling All Credit Unions | People Helping People

Lets be honest, the Credit Union foot traffic numbers will never be what it used to, the overhead costs of aging branches mount and the IT budget swell to accommodate the credit union online customers. Does that mean buildings are going away….of course not!

BUT DOES IT MEAN you need an online presence so you can be found. ABSOLUTELY! At minimum, you need a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest Accounts.

Would you like your Credit Union Market material shared on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook social media?

Visual Social Media Marketing is HOT and NOT Going Away

Social Media Examiner recently asked marketers which forms of content they most want to learn. Creating original visual assets took first place. 70% of marketers plan to increase their use of original visual assets. With a more crowded marketplace and businesses and marketers wanting to break through the noise, visual marketing is what many are turning to.

Creating great looking images has never been easier with tools like Canva and PicMonkey. With the ability to create images that are optimized for Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest easily, it’s a great way to continually drive traffic back to your website or product.


People Helping People


What are the benefits of joining a PINTEREST Credit Union Group Board?

The major benefit of joining a group board is exposure of your pins (i.e. your marketing material)..AND IT’S FREE!!!!

If you’re starting off with Pinterest and one of your major objectives is to expose more web traffic to your Marketing material, then group boards are a magnificent way to go to help you achieve that goal. The reason why this is so effective is because your pins are exposed to a larger audience.

Pins that are shown to 100 followers won’t get the same exposure as one with 2000 followers. To build your own account to 2000 followers could take months. So being part of a group board is a real time saver for new users of Pinterest.

Could you imagine the idea of a Twitter group that exposed you to 20,000 people? That would be insane.


(Again…no obligation or criteria…just great opportunity to share your Marketing Material at no cost)

Join PINTEREST Credit Unions Group Board by email request to josh (@)
Join PINTEREST Credit Union Coolness Group Board by email request to josh (@)


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