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Bristol Credit Union was created in 2005 and 2006 through a partnership of community credit unions in the city. With regeneration funding and support from Bristol City Council, a single City-wide credit union set out to provide services to the people living and working across the whole of Bristol. The membership area was later extended to cover the whole of the former Avon county area

New areas, recognised as having high levels of social and financial exclusion, are now being served. The wider membership area also allows us to develop partnerships with other agencies, including local social landlords, advice agencies, and other groups working for the benefit of people throughout Bristol and the surrounding area.

Through developing attractive products and services, Bristol Credit Union is working to attract a broader mix of members. By bringing together the wealthier areas of the membership area with the less well off, financial resources within Bristol can be mobilised for the mutual benefit of all communities and help to create a more socially inclusive credit union.

Each year since 2005 Bristol Credit Union has seen remarkable growth, we now have over 10,000 members, over £5 million of savers’ deposits and in our financial year 2013/2014, we helped over 4,789 people borrow £2,908,292 at affordable rates.


112/114 Cheltenham Road
Bristol, BS6 5RW

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