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We at BERKSHIRE CU are here to help our members get the most out of their savings and to give them a good deal when they need a loan. In these difficult times many more people need our help. The more you save and borrow with us, the more we can do, together, to help ourselves and the local community. If you are looking for an ethical savings plan we have just the thing.

Why is getting into the habit of saving such a good idea? Putting aside money is an important first step in planning for the future. It provides something to fall back on when the unexpected happens and helps give peace of mind.

In todays world a lot of bills are paid annually such as car insurance & servicing and its a lot easier to pay if you have been saving every month for them. We at BERKSHIRE CU encourage you to get into the habit of saving by putting some money away regularly however small.

By becoming a saver at BERKSHIRE CU you could receive a dividend (an equal share in our profits), have a say in how we run the organisation, and become more likely to be eligible to for a loan at a good rate of interest. Unlike other Credit Unions we don’t charge an initial set up fee.

You can also open joint accounts, which gives you an advantage when applying for a loan. After you have made your initial investment of at least £10 to become a member, you can save regularly from as little as £1 per week up to a maximum savings of £15,000 (£30,000 for joint accounts)

62 Portman Road,
Reading, RG30 1EA

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