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Belgian Alliance Credit Union lays claim to a proud tradition of dedicated member service and trust by virtue of its presence in the Manitoba Credit Union landscape over several decades. While our Credit Union continues to evolve with respect to changes in product lines, service channels and new technologies, our roots go back to the very beginnings of the Credit Union movement in our province.

The following chronology outlines key historical events and highlights our founding credit unions that have formed the Belgian-Alliance Credit Union of today.

In January 2001, Adanac, Communicators and Progress-Vera Credit Unions merge to form the newly founded Alliance Credit Union Ltd and membership is opened to all. In February of 2001, the Progress Vera branch is moved from 627 Selkirk Avenue to its current location at Jefferson Avenue in the Maples.

Then in January 2008, Belgian Credit Union and Alliance Credit Union merge to form the new Belgian Alliance Credit Union, thereby bringing a stronger, unified Credit Union operation into existence, one that is better poised to serve its members into the future. Belgian Alliance Credit Union is pleased to continue in the spirit of quality member service adhered to by each of the former Credit Unions for over 75 years. We are old friends with a fresh, new approach to the business of Credit Union.

387 Provencher Boulevard
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 0G9

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