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For those of us that hate to deal with finances and aren’t very good at putting money aside, here are a couple of tips on how to save and make money painlessly and almost imperceptibly.

If your workplace has a credit union or system for contributing to private retirement plans, take advantage of it. Start with any amount, but have it regularly taken out of your pay packet, then forget about it. Never look at the gross (before deductions) figure on your pay stub. Each year, review what you’re doing and see if you can increase the amount. If you get a raise, put half of it in your automatic deduction system.

If you finish paying off a loan, continue making the monthly payments, but instead make them to your savings account. You’re used to getting by without that money each month and it will start adding up to help you with high cost purchases.

Start pension schemes when you are young, the more you can put away the better off you will be when you decide that you don’t fancy working anymore.

Stocks and shares are risky but you can minimise the risk you take and still manage to save and make money. Diversify your investments or use a unit trust2. You may still lose money but the loss should be spread out a little. Don’t invest more than you are prepared to lose though. You may win, you may lose. Keep tabs on your stocks and shares and don’t get too greedy – get out on the up, before your profits start to go down.

BCD Credit Union
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