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Routing Number: 087931427
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Assiniboine CU is a one of the largest credit unions in Manitoba. With 19 branches in Winnipeg and branches in Gillam and Thompson, we help to make a difference in the lives of thousands of Manitobans.

We are a values-based financial co-operative which reflects our commitment to doing business in a way that is financially sound and socially, environmentally and ethically responsible. We use our expertise and resources to foster self-reliant and sustainable communities, while taking care to consider the impact of business decisions on our employees, our members, the environment and the communities we serve.

As owners and stakeholders, our over 110,000 members and over 500 employees have a say in how their credit union is run, and are invited to exercise their democratic rights at our annual meeting. Our democratically elected board of directors is accountable to our members and committed to governing ethically and transparently.

Our members feel good about being part of a company that is committed to the triple bottom line of people, planet and prosperity, and by choosing to bank with us, you help build better communities for yourself and your neighbours. As of 2015 ACU Credit Union has 25 branches, 19 in Winnipeg as well as 1 in Thompson and Gillam both in northern Manitoba.

ACU Credit Union 25th branch was opened in 2012 in a new location on McGregor Street at College Avenue. This branch was placed in this low-income area of Winnipeg deliberately, in order to provide financial services to people ignored by the large commercial banks. The move by ACU to open up a branch in Winnipeg’s North End in 2012 caused her Royal Highness Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall to tour the facility upon her visit to Winnipeg to learn more about Manitoba Credit Unions. The area was previously unserviced by financial institutions for 10 years.

The ACU Credit Union branch at Red River Boulevard and Main Street in Winnipeg features environmental design, incorporating green building features such as geothermal cooling and heating, passive solar design, and insulation spun from rock.

200 Main Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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