3 Facts About Google Fi That You Need to Know for Saving Money

3 Facts About Google Fi That You Need to Know for Saving Money

1. What does Google Fi Cost?

First, it’s super easy to setup your Google Fi account with exactly how much you’re data your intending to use on Project Fi in a given month. You set how much you think you’ll need in data each month and then are only charged for exactly how much you use.

Key Point….. You only get charged for what you use….period!

Also, if you don’t use your whole data plan it comes back in the form of a credit…period!

Furthermore, compared to most cell carriers if you go over your estimate, you’ll get charged for the additional data overage fees or crazy high data costs. Moreover, if you use less, you’ll get some money back.

Additionally, it’s also easy to track exactly how much data you’re using with the Project Fi app, downloadable from the Google Play Store. It tells you when your next bill is due, how much data you’ve used compared to your estimated use for the month, and how much you’ve used each day.

Google.Fi Whats your data budget

2. How does the Google Fi Network Work?

Google partnered with three national carriers (with Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular) to give you access to more 4G LTE towers for faster speeds in more locations. Check here to explore the Google-Fi network coverage in your area. Furthermore, the key is that if you’re in an open Wi-Fi hotspot, your phone will automatically shift you over for faster calling, data and texting.

Also, when multiple carriers are available, Project Fi will move you to the network that our analysis shows will be fastest in your current location, whether that is 4G LTE, 3G, or 2G.

Also, Google is constantly learning and improving, to account for factors such as newly-built towers or newly-available radio frequencies. If your current network is providing weak or no coverage, Google will adjust in real time to find you a stronger connection.

3. What phones work on the Google Fi Plan

Project Fi only works if you have a Nexus 6, 5X or 6P smartphone. Also, while the Nexus phones provide good options the selection remains limited. Currently these are the only smartphones to support our network of networks. (Note: Also, you must have the North American model of the above devices in order to use it on the Project Fi network)

Google-Fi Choose your device

Key decision points:

No, there is no annual service contract.
Yes, you can transfer your current cellular number over to Project Fi.
Yes, you can bring the Pixel, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X or Nexus 6 you already use to Project Fi. A free SIM card shipped is available to you.