Internal Combustion Engine Industry Into A Consolidation Period To Support Policy Zhiqian Jin –

Experts believe that Internal combustion engine Industry sustained rapid growth for many years the golden age is over, is moving into a period of adjustment, but our Internal combustion engine Industry and foreign advanced level is still higher, the national policy level to support enterprises from upgrading.

2008, China’s annual output of internal combustion engine output value has reached 57 million units, the size of one billion kilowatts. But some experts believe that internal combustion engine business by the financial crisis, impact of foreign trade barriers, sustained and rapid growth for many years the golden age is over. 2009 engine manufacturers face rising threshold of environmental protection, domestic market competition and other multiple negative factors, Gairuhezou go?

Into the adjustment phase According to the China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association analysis, in 2009 industry-wide efficiency and productivity growth rate than last year will not significantly increase, this time the industry will enter the adjustment phase. Expected industry-wide growth rate of 6% to 8%, product yield is expected to exceed 60 million units, the annual show, “after the former low-high” trend.

Of engine passenger cars based international brand used Engine Still the mainstream market, but the growth rate obviously slowed down. Light commercial vehicle engines since July 1 implementation deadline for the third year of emission standards, because Pin Obliging and the factors that drive market share, in the first half growth, marked the second half of fall, such as 6 l ~ 12 l medium and heavy commercial vehicles with Diesel engine Will drop slightly.

Non-road mobile machinery and engine manufacturing industries, especially Agricultural machinery And engineering machinery production growth rate will be faster; low-speed single-cylinder diesel engine vehicles with diesel engines and may be the same as in 2008, and then negative growth.

Diesel non-road mobile machinery, general small Gasoline And basic components industry exports will keep on growing, but growth is expected to only single digits.

New changes in industrial structure will be. On the one hand, diesel fuel system manufacturing system, manufacturing system will be discharged after the treatment the focus of future technological development; the other hand, China will have foreign mergers and acquisitions, which also means that the new joint venture will enter into China’s internal combustion engine industry, intensified domestic enterprises competition.

Some experts think that the State “revive auto industry restructuring plans,” “equipment manufacturing revitalization of restructuring plans,” “Shipping Industry Promotion Plan” for implementation and the “san nong” implementation of the policy, will further boost the stable development of internal combustion engine industry . Meanwhile, in order to stimulate the economy in 2009, the central and local government has introduced a package of measures in the tens of thousands of billion rescue plan, the current input only a few thousand billion.

Industry believes that the infrastructure projects in China this year, a large volume of diesel is still a certain demand, from XiChai, Yuchai , Laidong, JAC’s situation, policies to stimulate agricultural machinery has begun to bear fruit. Statistical data from the automobile to see, even in the most difficult in September 2008 after the period of time, less than 1.8 tonnes carrying capacity of trucks sales growth higher than 15%. Therefore, the light engine may be the first out of the winter.

According to analysis, the second half of 2009, heavy truck industry will resume its rally, expected full year 2009, although demand for heavy trucks will be slightly down 5%, but the second half of 2009 and 2010, demand growth will be 15 % or more.

Challenge to increase “This industry is facing more challenges.” Expert analysis, China’s internal combustion engine industry is faced with both market and technical difficulties.

In the market, as more stringent environmental regulations, rising energy and raw materials, several market factors such as unhealthy competition, leading to market low-end products into the difficult period of development engine, small engine development to a certain extent by the constraints difficult to meet the domestic and international market demand, while the urgent need to introduce high-power diesel engine technology introduced after the digestion and absorption of re-innovation, rapid development of shipbuilding industry to solve its own brand and other issues delayed the host supply.

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