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Credit Union Near Me – Find your local Credit Unions

Credit unions live by the philosophy of “People Helping People.”

Every now and then we find ourselves in the need of a Credit Union near me and maybe we are struggling with finding a listing or location. Nothing is more frustrating than going through the trouble of trying to find a listing only to come up with a non-working number.

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That’s why for people who are looking for credit unions in their area they can visit Credit Unions near me and find one that is local to them. Now for those who may not be sure what a credit union is let alone if they may need one, we are going to discuss that as well.

Find a Credit Union Near Me

Credit Unions are membership owned and are not for profit financial institutions. A Credit Union is a democratic, member-owned cooperative. So when you join a credit union, you’re more than a member; you’re an owner—and that means you have a say in how your credit union is run.

A volunteer board of directors, elected by the members, governs a credit union. With their vote, each member has a direct impact on the direction of the credit union. As part of the democratic process, each credit union holds an annual election where members select candidates for the Board of Directors.

International Credit Unions

Find your local UK Credit Union of the United Kingdom information. Also, see Credit Unions of EnglandCredit Unions of Scotland and Credit Unions of Wales or Australian Credit Unions

Find your local Canada Credit Union, or Alberta Credit Unions, Ontario Credit Unions, Manitoba Credit Unions and Saskatchewan Credit Unions

How can a Credit Union Near You Help?

They are able to provide various financial assistance with a few things that you may otherwise go to a bank for with those who are capable, such as:

  • Auto Loans
  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Account
  • Mortgage Home Loans

Sounds a lot like a bank huh? So now you’re probably wondering why not just go to a bank, how do they differ from a bank? Ironically enough, Credit Unions and banks are both similar and different in a lot of ways. Credit Unions want to help the members of it benefit instead of those who hold shares and profit from the fees they charge others.

The best thing about a credit union is unlike a bank, it looks out for the “you” people. The Credit Union Board of Directors is made up of Credit Union members who are chosen and elected in by the members. They in turn decide who they are going to help in a demographic manner.

Who Joins a Credit Union

They specifically target different types of groups and typically help those who are struggling and in need of financial assistance that typically can’t get it through anyone else. The groups, also known as SEG’s are charters for the Credit Union usually by some of the following:

  • Employer/workplace
  • Geographic area
  • School
  • Place of worship
  • Membership in an organization

Most banks rely on the fee’s and tend to look out as to how they can benefit from the members of their company and often turn down low-income families because they are considered a risk.

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