Ways to Save Money | My Credit Unions

Strategically Learn How to Budget Money

The first thing that will come in your mind is that how quickly you can pay off your debt. You can follow these steps through which you will be able to reduce your debt or even completely pay it off […]

Teaching Kids About Money

Its important to start now in teaching kids about money. Children should be as savvy about money as they are about technology. As parents what can we do to provide the financial education our children need? […]

Putting Money in a Certificate of Deposit CD Account

Looking for a safe place to invest your dollars, an investment vehicle with a guaranteed rate of return? A bank-issued certificate of deposit usually known as a CD might be a good choice. Credit unions might also refer to them as certificate accounts. […]

Average College Tuition Cost

The sticker price of a college education can be shocking. The worst part is the that it increases every year. The sooner parents and their children start researching financial aid, grant, and scholarship opportunities; the more likely they’ll be to save for college without falling deeply into debt. […]

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